Now that you’ve designed your website and you are working tirelessly to keep current on your content, how do you get people to your website?

There are around 861,379,000 registered host names as of January 2014, an increase of around 350,000 since December 2013. You need to get

Website Building, Design and SEO

Website Building, Design and SEO

creative to bring your website out of the dark recesses of the corner of your garage (because lets face it every great idea starts in a garage) and make your presence known in the digital world.

The first thing you can do is write a blog on your website, TA DA.  Make the material pertinent to your cause and keep it current.  If you don’t like to write you can outsource the blog which usually costs about $5 an article.  Or you can always hire a FREE intern.  Make sure you post a blog AT LEAST once a week. Be creative with your headlines and write about things that grab your readers’ attention and are relatable topics.

Second thing you can do is link to other websites.  Make sure they are sites in the same category as yours. Do not just link to anyone who wants to link. Your credibility will be linked with theirs and you need to maintain good standing if you want to be taken seriously in your field.

Along with linking you can advertise. You can get into a program such as pay-per-click.  The big search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft offer different kinds of arrangements to pay you for advertising on your website.  A lot of people think they have to already be an establish site to have advertisements but that isn’t true. You can look into these various means to see what would work best for you.

Offer to give away freebies.  Everyone loves free stuff.  You can run contest, you can give away books, coffee mugs, anything really but make sure it has your logo and contact information on it. If you don’t want to give away material stuff, you can give away free consultations, webinar, software, demos, etc.

And last, but certainly not least, utilize social media.  You can open an account on all the major networking sites: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram. Social media can be very time consuming, however, taking the time to get to know your audience and posting pertinent and compelling content will generate a following that will like and share you with others.