At most gyms, motivational quotes are posted everywhere to help everyone, no matter their expertise level, stay focused and push harder.  A favorite is a bit of a no-brainer, “Everyone has to start somewhere”. This can be said about any aspect of life. Warren Buffet, Mother Theresa, and Neil Armstrong had to START somewhere.  So did Apple, Google, and AT&T.

Every day there are businesses being born in basements and garages all over the country and technology offers many possibilities on how to start, maintain, and grow your own business. Richard Branson said in a recent interview on, “The first goal of any new business is simply to survive – you need to prove that your business model works.”

Branson goes on to talk about some ways to help build a business such as hiring people who believe in your company and share in your goals;  as well as help them to learn new skills and improve on existing ones. Encourage your employees to set challenges and allow them to run with their ideas.

“If you give your employees significant responsibilities, you will be surprised at what they will achieve  and in turn, you’ll win their loyalty and commitment,” said Branson.

Technical skills can never be underestimated in today’s business world either. Keep an eye out for technology that can help build your business and don’t be afraid to educate your employees, as well as yourself, on the new technology. Brush up on your social media skills and blogging techniques and be consistent. Research if a mobile app will benefit your business and your customers. Over all, create a culture of opportunity and work hard to retain your best employees, as these are the people that will help you build your company’s success.