Social Network Advertising 

We live in a wonderful time where information is readily at our fingertips.  If we don’t know something we Google it, if we find something funny we share it.

With Facebook turning 10 years old this February, Mark Zuckerberg has been asked a lot about the next 10 years and what he has in store for his social empire.  Zuckerberg has lived by the philosophy “move fast and break things”, which has worked very well for him.  He isn’t scared of change and embraces the new instead of shies away from it, which sets a great example for future, as well as present entrepreneurs.

Zuckerberg has said in a recent earnings call they have several new mobile products in the works over the next year or so.  He says it’s “all about building a new kind of experience for sharing.”  Why mobile products? Facebook has about 1.23 billion active monthly users, and 945 million of those users log in through their mobile devices and this number continues to grow.

With our social world continuing to grow and becoming more user friendly, it’s a no-brainer that advertisers would flock to social networks to try and capitalize on the good fortune to be had though advertising.

Doing business in the social world is good business.  According to Social Media Today “54 percent of all marketers have acquired a customer through Facebook in 2013” and “36 percent of all marketers have found a customer through Twitter”.

Twitter might not be as old as Facebook, or as big with only around 650 million users, but it is still a very effective place to advertise.  Twitter recently started trading publicly in November 2013, and they have great plans to continue to compete with Facebook.

Within the past year Twitter purchased a company called MoPud.  MoPud is an ad network that helps advertisers find publishers.  This acquisition makes it so Twitter can sell ads, not only in its own apps, but also across a network of apps such as Android and iOS.

The social world is working tirelessly to expand their businesses, which works well for the companies who decide to use and advertise their products and service on these sites.