Mobile apps are here to stay. Tablet and smartphone usage is on the rise; trending numbers show that about 1.2 billion smartphones are anticipated in the 2017-2018 market, and mobile app development plans are trending to beat native PC projects by 4 to 1. These numbers show business holders, large and small, are planning to include mobile apps strategy in their digital marketing plans.

Your Small Business Really Does Need a Mobile App

If you’re still not sure why your business should have a mobile app, see if any of these reasons resonate with you:

Reinforced branding

A quality mobile app should have the quality of supporting your traditional branding while offering remarkable user experience. These aspects help in reinforcing your brand with customers. Each feature of your app should create an opportunity to create a strong connection with your customers. A creative, well-functioning app will aid in expanding the appreciation of your brand from the user’s side.

Better accessibility

With a mobile app, your brand is in your customer’s/client’s back pocket or bag, and this gives them a chance to connect on their own terms. It no longer matters if your customers/clients have access to a pc or laptop. Their smartphones are their connection to your brand, whenever and wherever they choose to utilize your app.

Opportunities for social marketing

One of the best features of apps are that they network with social platforms like Twitter and Facebook for marketing. It often allows users to login into apps through their social media accounts. This will lead to engagement as your app users can easily share your brand’s review on these social networks, attracting new viewers and prospects.

Greater sell-through 

If your app is being downloaded, that’s a great accomplishment. The customers using your app will tend to make more purchases because they already had positive connections before with your brand. These customers are likely to turn up again because of your app notifying about discounts and special offers.

Push notification

One of our favorite features is push notifications. These are a unique feature of mobile applications, is sending push notifications to the users, which are a lot like sending them a text. With this, you connect directly with your users. It is a notification popping up to alert the user about the recent updates that can be worth checking out. Extremely valuable because you can be where you user is.

Stay Competitive With Your Competition

At this stage of digital marketing, it’s time your business had a mobile app. The trend of smartphone and tablet usage is only increasing, so use that to your advantage. Remember, a mobile app puts you in your customer’s/client’s back pocket-always accessible and always on your brand. Your competition is there, so why wouldn’t you be?

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